Kwan-Jang-Nim GrandMaster Dong Keun Park
Sa-Bum-Nim Master John Park
Kyu-Bum-Nim Instructor Halena Rose
Do-Jang School
Do-Bok Uniform
Ho-gu Chest Protector
Gyo-roo-gi Sparring
Poom-se Forms
Cha-De-Yut Attention Stance
Ku-Ki-Yeh Facing the Flags
Kyun-Yeh Bow
Jhoon-Be Ready Stance
She-Jock Start
Ko-Mon Stop
Pa-Doe Finish, back to ready stance
Kya-Dae Switch
To-Ra About Face
Pal-Cha-Ki Kicking Stance
Ap-Cha-Ki Front Kick
Dul-A-Cha-Ki Roundhouse Kick
Yup-Cha-Ki Side Kick
Na-Da-Bum Jumping spinning roundhouse
Chun-Jin Quick step forward
Who-Jin Quick step backward
Ha-Na One
Dool Two
Set Three
Net Four
Da-Sut Five
Ya-Sut Six
IL-Gup Seven
Ya-Dul Eight
Ah-Hope Nine
Yul Ten
IL First
E Second
Sam Third
Sa Fourth
Oh Fifth
Yuk Sixth
Chil Seventh
Pal Eighth
Goo Nineth
Ship Tenth




We will have social distancing during class. Please RSVP if you would like to take class in the dojang. We will continue having classes online during class time so everyone can participate. Meeting ID 987-288-5511 Password 987288

Students must wear face masks but is not mandatory for kids under 10

Congratulations Claire and Elizabeth Vest on your blue belts! Misty and Jared Vest earning their High Green Belts. Paul Nugent earning his Green Belt. Cooper Babetski earning your green belt. Jacob earning his green belt. William earning his yellow belt. Scarlett & Declan earning their yellow belts. Jacob & Leah earning their green belts. Landon on earning High Green belt Congratulations to London and Nathan for achieving their 1st Degree Black Belts!

August Birthdays! Carson Woertink, Tyler Rose, Leah Quellette, Ariela Barron, Ava Moore, Nathan Calvert, Shaun & Brock Woertink, and Topher Mohr

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