We will have social distancing during class. Please RSVP if you would like to take class in the dojang. We will continue having classes online during class time so everyone can participate. Meeting ID 987-288-5511 Password 987288

Don't forget to order your sparring gear!
Sparring class starting in October!

Congratulations Justin, High Green Belt! Ryan and Zarella, Green Belt. Jacob, High Green Belt! Carson Blue belt! Justin, Blue belt. Carroll and Will Yellow belts, Ava High Blue belt. Braden and Haruto High yellow belt! Misty and Jared Blue belt! Claire and Elizabeth High Blue belt!

September Birthdays! Jane Park, Logan Park, Landon Haughey, Adam Kunz, Akito Larsen, Paul Nugent Anna Sandberg, and Nicole Hearn!

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